vastufy your property
Bring the ancient science of Vastu into your home and onto your phone.
Align with nature
Discover strong and weak zones of your property.
What's your property score?
Vastu’s goal is to create harmony between people and their environments and to manage energy within a space. Rooms, furniture, objects and appliances are situated to correspond with and maximize the respective elements and their particular benefits for existing and planned buildings.

Within minutes the vastufy app will give you a ‘score’ for your property based on the placement/direction of each of your rooms, according to Vastu principles.
Change your life
Vastu consciously divides up our homes into zones that represent different aspects of our lives - relationships, finance, success, career, happiness and health, and can highlight areas we are energetically neglecting.

It focuses on aligning with the laws of nature, welcoming in energy from the Sun and honoring the five elements: earth, air, space, fire and water, whilst adhering to the fundamental directions of North, East, South and West.
Remedy it
Improve and increase your Vastu score and rectify energy imbalances.

Practical remedies then guide you so can improve and increase your Vastu score and to harness the maximum potential of natural energies and combat the flaws.
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vastufy helps you to live in a space that harnesses the natural positive energies available to us from nature.